8 things to consider with buyers

1 min read

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What are the key ‘hidden and unspoken’ factors that critically influence buying decisions and how can firms adapt their approach to business development?

1. “Added services are not added value”

2. “Demonstrate how you will add value in my unique context as a client, not just my industry or sector”

3. “Don’t just sell but help. Add insight. Don’t just take me for a coffee or dinner!”

4. What will you leave behind? Be clear about the change you will make. To be honest, we don’t want to have to use you for the same project again in the future!”

5. Ask me what I want – don’t just tell me what you think I need”

6. “Have you simply copy and pasted, or have you really put some effort into framing my problem and providing the resources needed to solve the problem?”

7. “Be clear and transparent about the team who will actually be working on the engagement. I want to meet those who will be on site as part of our team”

8. “Show me a return on investmentmake this abundantly clear”

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