A Career in Consulting 

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78%1 of students reportedly admitted to worrying about making the right career choice.  

Have you ever considered a career in consulting? Listen to our Frequently asked questions webinar at the end of this Point of View. Featuring Hassan Kamara from EY and Isabella Montgomery from Arcadis.

“Consulting is like changing jobs within a job, it’s a really good opportunity to build your career. ”2 

Within Consulting you get to: 

  • Tackle diverse challenges across industries, using your expertise to solve real-world problems and deliver results that matter. 
  • Embrace constant learning and growth, as you are mentored by top minds and exposed to cutting-edge strategies. 
  • Shape the future: Develop invaluable skills in communication, problem-solving, and leadership, opening doors to countless career paths. 

Every project brings fresh perspectives, industries, and teams. You can see your solutions translated into tangible results, driving success for businesses and communities. Consulting isn’t just about climbing the ladder, it’s about building your unique vision. 

And Management Consulting can be a springboard for your career. 

Did you know, the following industry leaders started with a career in management consulting:  

  • Alphabet/Google – Sundar Pinchai, CEO (ex-McKinsey)    
  • EBay – Meg Whitman, former CEO and current US Ambassador to Kenya (ex-Bain & Company)  
  • Facebook/Meta – Sheryl Sandberg, former COO and board member (ex-McKinsey)   
  • Nike – John Donahoe, CEO (ex-Bain & Company)   
  • Pepsi – Indra Nooyi, former CEO (BCG)  
  • YouTube – Susan Wojicki, former CEO (ex-Bain & Company) 

There have even been celebrity ex-consultants such as musician, John Legend and actress, Lucy Liu. 

Management Consulting, it seems, provides access to a wide range of skills and career opportunities. With many leading firms offering accredited apprenticeships, it can be an ideal industry in which to learn while you earn: APPRENTICESHIPS IN CONSULTING CONTINUE TO INCREASE – MCA  

National Careers Week is the perfect opportunity to learn more about specific professions. Why not visit the website or social media pages of professional industry associations to narrow down your search for organisations you’d like to work for? Or search for information related to “National Careers Week” and include the specific firm name. 

If you’d like to hear specifically from apprentices in Management Consulting, check out the MCA (Management Consultancies Association’s “Young MCA” page: About the Young MCA – MCA 

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