A Sutton Trust Webinar: Consulting as a Career – or a Route to a Career?

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Openside are delighted to be partnering with Sutton Trust for a 45-minute webinar on Monday 13th June, 16:00 UK, to explore a career in consulting and where it might lead in industry either via traditional or non-traditional routes.

The webinar will include a presentation by William Johnson, Managing Director of Openside and Q&A with guest panellists, Hassan Kamara, a Senior Consultant in Technology Consulting at EY and Chair of the Young MCA (Management Consultancies Association) and Isabella Montgomery, Junior Consultant at Arcadis.

About Sutton Trust

Social mobility in Britain is low. The educational opportunities and life chances of a child born today are strongly linked to their parents’ socio-economic background. This is the challenge we face.

Since 1997 and under the leadership of founder, Sir Peter Lampl, the Sutton Trust has worked to address this. We fight for social mobility from birth to the workplace so that every young person – no matter who their parents are, what school they go to, or where they live – has the chance to succeed in life.

To pre-register for the webinar, please use this link: Sutton Trust Webinar Registration: Consulting as a Career

For more information on Sutton Trust, please visit their web site: https://www.suttontrust.com/