How do you sell a Consulting Career?

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In conversation with the more junior participants on our programmes from big brand Firms, I’m struck by how many of them aren’t really considering a ‘career’ in Consulting. Initially their aim seems to be ’three years, get good experience and training, a good brand on my CV, then look for a proper job’.

If that’s the case, I wonder if one approach firms might take to ‘selling’ a Consulting career is to offer candidates a clear and structured development path, equipping them for both a future in Consulting or in the general business world?

In an environment where the cost of a high quality MBA is now beyond the financial reach of many, offering candidates a route through to Chartered Management Consultant ChMC status offers a  viable career enhancing alternative. It is more practical and experience-based, less theoretical (although still with a rigorous and ‘quality assessed’ training path) and on completion offers graduates the choice either to pursue a full Consulting career or to enter the job market with a globally recognised qualification, combining both formal training and ‘hands-on’ experience.

For over 30 years Openside has delivered cognitive and behavioural skills training to Management Consulting Firms worldwide and we have seen multiple in-house training programmes, ranging from ‘outstanding’ to ’non-existent’. The rigorous and comprehensive ‘mapping’ process that Firms will now need to undertake in order for their training to achieve approved ChMC status gives candidates assurance of their future development, could be a key factor in their final decision, and a key differentiator for the Firm.

There is no doubt that Consulting as a career will look very different in the future. The formalising of a career path with a development programme linked to a professional qualification is long overdue, and might be a response to the candidates’ questions – Why this? Why me? Why now?

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