Is every day the longest day of the year?

1 min read

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Happy Summer Solstice! While 21st June marks the longest day of the calendar year, let’s be honest, for some of us, every day can feel like a marathon. When we’re chasing deadlines, juggling tasks, and fighting the ever-present battle there is simply not enough time.     

Feeling like every day is the longest day can be detrimental, it stifles creatively, hinders strategic thinking and can lead to employee dissatisfaction.  

The good news is we have some great strategies to help you break free from the “longest day” mentality, tips, and ideas that we have shared below:  

  • Breaks: Embrace the power of breaks and pauses. Schedule time to break up your day, book annual leave, find hobbies that distract your mind and prioritise your mental health.  
  • Busyness: Is busyness really the answer? Prioritise your results and achievements over your busyness. Streamline processes, delegate tasks and employer employees to feel confident in making decisions.  
  • Achievements: Celebrate both big and small achievements, individual and collaborative.  

Do not let your day become a symbol of relentless work. Embrace the hours of the day, not just today, but every day.