Openside’s Mission and Core Values

At Openside, our mission is to help people and organisations achieve their potential through coaching, mentoring, learning and development.

It is a strongly held belief and core value set shared by all our team members. We see learning and development as a positive force for change in enabling careers, personal growth, diversity, equity and inclusion, social mobility, and business success for our clients and participants. Through this we aspire to be:

  • Motivated by the desire to nurture and develop talent
  • Respectful of confidences shared and the values of those with whom we work
  • A flexible and agile partner that listens
  • Challenging agents for change in ensuring the best outcomes for our clients and participants alike
  • Collegial and inclusive, treating all as equals
  • Open and engaging in inspiring confidence in others and the pursuit of excellence
  • Committed to enabling social mobility and career success through practical engagement
  • Intellectually rigorous in ensuring a lasting positive impact
  • Judged by the business results and value we deliver beyond tutor satisfaction scores

To us learning and development is more than an event. It is a partnership borne of a trust relationship in which we make your goals our goals to deliver personal and firm wide success.

Social Responsibility

We meet our obligation to corporate social responsibility in practical ways through volunteer mentoring, coaching and webinar events in support of social inclusion, equity and mobility.

These are activities in which all of our team members participate. In addition, we dedicate a fixed number of training days per annum at no cost, for organisations committed to providing personal development and career support to younger people, socially excluded groups, gender equality initiatives and women at work.

Modern Anti-Slavery Statement

We take all necessary steps to ensure everyone who works for Openside has their fundamental human rights respected and that anyone we do business with upholds these principles.