The Openside Webinar Modules

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Having spent the last year cataloguing and organising nearly 30 years’ worth of our Professional Services development materials, we were in a good position to respond to the current lock-down and to transform our core programmes into a series of webinar delivered modules. Each module consists of two 1-hour sessions, the first covering the critical points of the topic, the second to review and coach the results of set exercises. Groups will be limited to a maximum of 20 participants.

The Openside Webinar Modules

Core Advisory

  • The Consulting Process – Diagnostic Thinking
  • From data to insight: Hypotheses and Logic Diagrams
  • Defining the value: Scoping and Stakeholders
  • Communicating Insight using SCQ and Pyramid
  • Interviewing Skills for Managers
  • Intelligent Metrics – Building a dashboard to guide strategic decision making


  • Delegation – including remote delegation
  • Managing as a Coach
  • Conflict Management
  • Change Management Principles
  • Team Dynamics

Business Development

  • Understanding the mind of the Buyer and implications for Supplier behaviour
  • Brand and Differentiation
  • Storytelling
  • Developing a Point of View
  • Effective Proposals
  • Dealing with Procurement and RFP/ITT
  • The 4 E’s of a Value Proposition
  • Networking
  • Personal Brand and LinkedIn

Role of the Partner

  • Exemplifying the Brand
  • Embodying the Culture
  • Ensuring the Legacy
  • The Partnership Trap – and how to avoid it
  • Emotional Intelligence in the Role of the Partner


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