Enan Chou

Enan Chou

Enan Chou has over 15 years experience within professional development. At Openside, Enan specialises in leadership, change management, conflict resolution, coaching, performance management, sales and presentation skills and her clients are found in a wide variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, financial service, manufacturing, energy, telecommunications, electronics and insurance. Enan is also a master trainer and delivers virtual trainings.

After earning degrees in International Relations, Latin American Studies and Asian studies at Boston University (USA), Enan started her career working with negotiation, mediation and conflict management with the world-renowned guru of negotiation, Roger Fisher, and his team at Harvard. She assisted in numerous Harvard Negotiation Program workshops, and provided support in projects of importance, such as the mediation of the Ecuadorian-Peruvian war of 1995, and the peace negotiations between the Colombian government and the guerilla.

Enan is a blend of several cultures and languages: born in Taiwan, raised in Argentina, she has lived and worked in several countries of Latin America, Europe, Asia, and in the US.

Capitalizing on her multicultural background and engaging personality, she is able to establish personal connection with participants of different regions and organizational levels, allowing her coaching to be effective and insightful. Participants often describe their experience with Enan as fun and inspiring, claiming it encourages them to self-reflection, facilitates their process of change and helps them to apply their learnings beyond the class.

Enan has degrees in International Relations, Latin American Studies and Asian studies from Boston University (USA). She currently resides in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Enan is fluent in Spanish, English, Portuguese, and Chinese. She is a pianist, a globe-trotter and a food aficionado.

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