Terence Sandiford

Terence Sandiford

For over 30 years Terence has worked in professional services, leading sales and delivery for major and boutique consulting firms as well as being a transformation leader in Finance and HR within a large BPO firm.

Terence advises on Openside’s business development, using his breadth of experience to ensure that any development programme is placed in the unique context of each Client, both in order to ensure alignment with that Client’s strategic goals and maximum behavioural impact.

Terence started his career in management consulting in the late 1980s, transitioning to the role of Executive Consultant, Director of Strategy and Sales and Business Development Director.

During his work in both public and private sector firms he delivered major projects internationally, using process transformation to improve financial and operational performance and to offer valuable insight and decision support.

Outside of Openside Terence enjoys all forms of jazz, the theatre and spending time with his daughter. Retail therapy is a particular passion and he is always looking to add to his growing polo and turtle neck collection.

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