Proposals: How to make them a point of difference, not a point of reference 2023

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By making a proposal unique – not just recycled – you uphold and strengthen your reputation with the client and what’s more, you prove to your workforce exactly what you stand for which is quality, originality and excellence.

By clearly articulating the value of the engagement, you don’t position yourself as a commodity but instead encourage the client to concentrate on the value you bring.

We invite your firm to think of it this way: if you do choose to fly towards the RFP light like Harry the Mosquito, in the memorable short scene in the Disney Pixar film A Bug’s Life, are you simply replying to a request for a proposal, or are you framing your response as a request for a partner? The latter means a very different type of approach and the first, perhaps none at all.

Here are four changes we suggest you make to your written proposals to give your firm the best chance of progressing to the next stage in the business development process. Two things you should do and two things you shouldn’t…

 1. DO make your proposal all about them – the client – not you

2. DO offer a ‘Point of View’ or Insight

3. DON’T ‘tailor’ your proposal using ‘Find and Replace’

4. DON’T list your fee rates

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