Remote Working Tips

1 min read

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New managers attending Openside’s “Working in a Hybrid Environment” workshops share their top tips for online meetings.


  • Use people’s names when addressing them
  • Start little rituals in meetings like small talk
  • Smile and show your interest
  • Try to have eye contact
  • Put the camera on
  • Use headphones to avoid background noise and distraction
  • Keep a good balance between talking and listening
  • Summarise understanding and ask for feedback during conversation
  • Make feelings/thoughts explicit
  • Take notes and screenshots, to be more focused on actions after the meeting


  • No phone – put it out of sight
  • No multi-tasking, everyone can see
  • Don’t focus solely on the shared screen/slides but also on the people
  • Don’t talk non-stop, allow others time to make their point