Personalised Coaching

Improving performance using coached application


The key measure of return on investment on training spend, is the impact made post event on personal and business performance improvement. More often than not, individuals leave the training room and go back to working how they have always worked, unable to see how they can immediately apply what they have learned to their own situation. 

Our approach is different. We believe that coaching is more than just a one-off event. It should be founded on a trust relationship designed to ensure a lasting change and to provide continuous support to the individual and your business. Coached application is a key element in achieving this aim and specifically targets the challenge of making new thinking stick. 

Upon completion of the initial stages of a development programme, we will work alongside your people, showing them how to turn theory into practice, and helping them to apply their newly acquired tools, skills and behaviours to their current projects and opportunities. 

We can make coached application a key part of our offering because of the calibre of our team. All our tutors have long experience at senior levels in professional services and are comfortable working with your people at all levels of seniority, from Junior to Partner. 

Coached application can take many forms, such as working alongside your team during delivery, face-to-face coaching after the programme, follow up webinars, online coaching support and feedback, supporting live opportunities with new clients, advice and role-playing critical conversations for important meetings, or providing an objective view on key presentations and proposals. 

Personalised coaching is particularly useful for newly promoted staff and other fast track high potentials and is also applicable to seasoned senior executives who need to adapt their leadership style to meet the requirements of a changing socio-economic landscape.


If you would like to find how Personalised Coaching can give you a better return on your training investment, please contact us directly.

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