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Using technology to support long-term professional development and behaviour change

Learning measurement and proving the value of training interventions is arguably the greatest challenge facing heads of HR and professional development. Data driven assessment of return on investment (RoI), as well as measurement of effectiveness in terms of business performance improvement are all essential elements of the training investment value equation. Professional services firms face the added requirement of being able to track training in the context of role related competencies and experience. This being essential for continuing professional development (CPD), as well as progression through the Chartered Management Consultant, qualification levels.

Delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS), Vienna, is the first fully digital learning measurement tool designed for professional services firms and roles. It enables collection of diagnostic data to check that after any training intervention, participants are given both the time and opportunity to apply new skills acquired in the context of their role and proof points needed to support career progression. Heads of HR, and learning and development, can provide an objective assessment of performance improvement over a longitudinal period using reports and graphical output. Providing an accurate evidence-based evaluation of behavioural change and impact on corporate KPIs. 


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How does it work?

‘Vienna’ will take an evidence-based approach from attendees and nominated reviewers over a pre-determined period of time. It measures the application of learning, allowing an assessment of performance improvement at an individual level, with results being aggregated and presented at a cohort level, enabling long term performance change to be reliably assessed.

  • Directly linked to core competencies or existing competency framework
  • Peer review and feedback
  • Tracks the application of learning and behaviours after the program has finished
  • Provides detailed metrics by event, by cohort, by firm
  • Sends automated reminders and follow-up to participants
  • Provides data on performance change based on evidence of use
  • Tracks how people actually apply the learning and reasons preventing application

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