The future of education and work

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The Economic Times takes a look at the future of education and work, focusing on the 10th edition of the India Skills Report. Within the report, they state that some of the essential knowledge required for the employment market in 2030 include:

• Digital Literacy: being able to study, work, and navigate our increasingly digital world.

• Data Literacy: employers will want to hire people who can effectively use a business’s most valuable asset

• Critical Thinking: where there is information overload, social media echo chambers, and fake news, critical thinking is one of the most crucial skills to have for success.

• Emotional Intelligence: knowledge of how one’s emotions affect their actions, the behaviours of those around them, and one’s ability to control those emotions.

• Creativity: one of the most valuable skills to have in the workplace of the future, especially as we continue to hand off more and more routine tasks to automated systems.

You can read the full report here: