The impact of a cringeworthy LinkedIn profile on you and your firm

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There is no doubt that social media, particularly LinkedIn, is a very important tool when it comes to setting your personal brand.

Your personal brand should be compelling, authentic and consistent. Your personal brand should illustrate to readers and listeners who you are, what you stand for, what makes you distinctive, what you want to be known for and what compelling value you create for others.

Importantly, your personal brand also represents the organisation you work for.

Those who get this personal branding right can become well-respected influencers in their marketplace and represent their organisations in a positive manner.

Those who get personal branding wrong are discounted, lose respect and create negative perceptions in the minds of their clients, contacts, prospects and colleagues. They can also have a damaging effect on the perceived brand of their organisation.

Developing the core behaviours which reflect your personal brand is an important part of both our networking and personal effectiveness development programmes. If you would like to learn how to develop your personal brand, please contact us.

How not to do it!

These ‘LinkedIn Out Loud” videos put together by production company Joseph & Joseph show a collection of how not to set your personal brand on LinkedIn.

We challenge you not to cringe while watching these videos. They are real phrases taken from genuine LinkedIn profiles. Among many ‘highlights’ are:

  • “I run towards fires”
  • “I’m not the boss. There’s only one boss and that’s Mr customer”
  • “Welcome to a window into the life of me”
  • “I don’t go with the flow – that’s for fish”
  • “I’m not racist”

It is easy to see the negative impact these profiles will have on the brand of their organisations.

The original videos and information about the producers can be found on this Tumblr.

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