Is Cricket a Consultant’s Game?  

2 min read

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At first, cricket might seem like a world away from consulting. However, if we take a closer look, we find surprising parallels.  

Strategy and Adaptability:  A good cricket team, like a good consulting team, needs a well-defined strategy. Cricketers need to analyse the opposition’s strengths and weaknesses, just like consultants assess a client’s situation. Both cricket and consulting demand the ability to adapt. The bowler adjusts their delivery based on the batsman’s technique, just as a consultant refines their recommendations based on specific client context.  

Building the Team:  In cricket, a strong batting line-up is nothing without a watertight bowling attack. Similarly, a consulting firm’s success hinges on building the right team with diverse expertise. Firms juggle different project needs, requiring a team with the right mix of skills and knowledge.   

Performance Under Pressure:  Cricketers need to thrive under pressure. They handle the roar of the crowd and the close call of a wicket with a cool head. The same applies to consultants. They have to deal with tight deadlines, demanding clients, and the ever-present risk of failure. The ability to perform under pressure is key to success in both worlds.  

Thinking Differently:  Cricket’s history is filled with unorthodox bowling techniques and unexpected batting strategies.  Consultants too need to think differently. They must devise innovative solutions that challenge the status quo and address the client’s unique needs whilst differentiating themselves, and their firm, from their rivals.   

The Importance of Communication:   In cricket, clear communication between captain, bowler, wicket-keeper and fielders is crucial. Consultants need to consistently communicate their findings and recommendations throughout the engagement to ensure their are ‘no shocks’.  

If cricket isn’t your thing, perhaps the next time it is on you can look beyond the sport, and you might just see a masterclass of consulting techniques in action. 

Author: Naomi Fenn-Mansfield