The Buyer’s Perspective: From “Adversary to Advocate” – Engaging Effectively with Procurement

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‘Procurement’ are often seen as a barrier to be overcome, circumnavigated or even ignored by those responsible for business development in professional services firms.

Critically, there needs to be a recognition that the role of procurement has changed significantly. Procurement teams are now more sophisticated and knowledgeable than ever before and any pre-existing negative perceptions held by firms about the knowledge and ability of this buying department are outdated at best and offensive at worst.

Successful firms will be the ones most ‘in tune’ with how their clients want to buy from them, who can understand and work most effectively with their clients’ procurement teams.

This webinar, led by Paul Vincent – a former Global Procurement Director for Consultancy and Professional Services of a leading FTSE 100 organisation – gives you a unique insight into the workings and mindset of the procurement function from the ‘inside-out’.

You will discover the different ‘types’ of procurement buyers typically found in most organisations, and be able to identify the key factors – often hidden and unspoken – that motivate their final purchasing decision.

Equipped with this knowledge, you will be able to adapt your approach and behaviours to win more work for your firm.

Paul outlines the buying landscape for ‘indirect services’ found in many organisations and illustrates why the typical preconceptions of procurement held by those undertaking business development within professional services firms are out-dated, untrue and unhelpful.

Attendees are encouraged to view their clients’ procurement teams as a potential advocate rather than an adversary and recognise why by working collaboratively with their clients’ procurement teams, they can turn them into a champion of their firm’s brand and even an indirect lead generator for the firm.

This webinar benefits anyone in a professional services firm with a business development remit who needs to work with, not against, procurement.

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