Why sales effectiveness training doesn’t always work

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Dissatisfaction with overall ability to sell is common amongst Boards and Exco across the world.

In reality, most organisations have sales team who are pulled along by a handful of top ‘rainmaking’ performers, who in turn support a sales population who just about meet their targets, together with a group of underperformers.

Training is often the way in which companies address sales effectiveness issues

Return on investment on training interventions can be difficult to measure, yet, training remains the most popular way to improve the ability of sales teams to develop business.

At Openside we frequently encounter the following:

  • Training is not linked to a clear vision or strategy for the organisation
  • Leaders are not consistently supportive
  • Sales or business development governance, processes and frameworks are ill-defined
  • Accountabilities are not clear
  • Sales effectiveness training is not clearly linked to performance objectives or sales targets

Avoid rushing into sales effectiveness training, without first considering two critical elements:

  1. Is it really clear why this is being done, and are the leadership truly joined up and aligned in their commitment to make this work?
  2. Are capability improvements locked into the broader day-to-day elements of how a company actually works, and the world in which sales teams will return to, once they have left the security of the training room?

Reduce the risk that training results in a minimal return on investment. Before training is rolled out, take time out to review – and stabilise where necessary – all elements of the end-to-end sales operating model.

Finally, ask: What does ‘being ready’ look like?

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