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Helping high potentials succeed in business management and leadership 


Leadership development programmes are a core staple for most organisations. At Openside we believe the success of such programmes in enabling progression and the recruitment and retention of the best talent, depends very much on context. Our New Manager, Future Stars Programme addresses the unique behavioural and skill requirements of leadership in professional and business services. More importantly we aim to change the perception of leadership programmes only being offered as a reward for technical proficiency or long service. Leadership development should be seen as a career choice offered on merit, with a structured developmental pathway mapped out from day one, giving a clear sense of purpose and contribution towards future success. Organisations who spot and nurture talent for leadership early will be the most successful in recruitment, retention and development of purpose driven leaders. 

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Programme Structure

A combination of personalised coaching and mentoring helps high potentials learn about the behavioural and psychological aspects of leadership. The programme addresses typical challenges upon promotion, such as ‘imposter syndrome’, managing former peers, managing upwards, as well as managing outside more traditional organisational and operational boundaries. It takes participants through a deeper understanding of self-awareness and the motivation of others, when dealing with challenging situations.  More importantly how to use briefing, listening, questioning and monitoring consistently when dealing with conflict resolution and in communicating with authenticity. Developing their role as a coach and mentor as well as business leader. 

Participant Level

The programme is aimed at new entrants with a focus on a career in business leadership and management and other high potentials in the organisation. 


If you would like to explore a new way of thinking around developing and retaining your best people whilst protecting your firm’s legacy, please contact us directly.

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Talent Development Pathway

Why New Manager Future Stars?

“Participants should attend to develop the core skills and personal insights to assess situations and make informed decisions, communicating these with confidence and authenticity. Listening and having the ability to coach, mentor, advise and persuade others are some of the hallmarks of great leadership that we address in the programme. It’s generally about representing the firm, being the face of the business and making the right choices in difficult situations and when dealing with ambiguity. It’s about creating the space and an environment that allows others to be their best in delivering outstanding results for clients, colleagues and the firm.”

Ian Bradley

Ian Bradley

“A very good introduction to the manager “mindset”. Helps new managers to think through academic frameworks.”

Management Consulting

“Great – was good to have some time to think about how we manage people and relationships both within our company and with clients.”

Professional Services
People Manager

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