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Working with firms to assure their legacy through attracting, developing and retaining the best talent


Professional services firms face a difficult balancing act in driving growth today, while securing the firms future, by passing on its unique culture and ways of working to the next generation of high potentials. In essence securing the firms legacy through recruitment, development and retention of the best talent. This, however, is not easy given high levels of attrition, increased demand and a growing gap between senior Manager and Partner level. In addition, hybrid ways of working are disrupting the traditional ‘apprentice’ model of juniors shadowing Partners, making learning ‘on the job’ more difficult to maintain.

Learning and development therefore has a critical role to play in addressing these challenges. By offering high potentials a well-defined career path when they join and instilling a sense of purpose regarding their role within the business. Whether as a Partner, subject matter leadership or simply development of their personal brand.

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Programme Structure

Using a structured set of modules and guided coaching, the programme equips participants with the core attributes for leadership success in professional services, providing tools and techniques that are practical, relevant and actionable. At the end of the programme, participants will learn the fundamentals of professional services leadership, from the unique role of a Partner in representing the firm, to building cohesive and effective teams, as well as the behaviours that will make them stand out as a future Partner. Each Route to Partner programme is designed to align with our client’s strategic plans and culture, helping them to offer an effective career pathway for future business leaders and Partners that exemplifies the firm’s brand, embodies its culture and ensures an enduring legacy.  

Participant Level

In three decades of work with professional services firms, we have consistently found the best results are achieved by identifying talented people and getting them on leadership programmes at the earliest opportunity. This means that participants can see a clear career path and firms can ensure a longer-term tenure of the best talent. 


If you would like to find out how the Route to Partner programme can help your high potentials make an impactful transition to leadership, please contact us directly.

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Why Route to Partner?

“In professional services and internal consulting roles, the competences required to deliver a good performance are quite complex and can be quite technically specific, so often earlier in your career, there is a very big focus on those. Then one day it all changes: the parameters change and something quite different is expected. Many people are promoted on their competence and their technical ability and then one day they’re required to managed a team. They’re also required to have a whole different behaviour set in terms of how they manage and handle themselves and they’ve never been trained to do that.”

Debbie Dudley

Debbie Dudley


“The programme has opened up debates and conversations which previously would never have taken place about how we work, about how we lead and how we are led”

Management Consulting
Senior Manager

“I feel that I am learning so much that I can apply, I wish I had attended this programme earlier in my career.”

Professional Services
L&D Manager

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