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The most successful professional services firms routinely bring together structured methods integrated with shared behaviours across their consulting teams. This ensures consistency in the conduct of assignments and creates a common language that is understood both internally and with clients. The consulting skills programme provides participants with a framework for the development of client relationships and delivery of exceptional results for the firm, whilst allowing for the development of a personal style that embodies the firm’s culture and exemplifies its brand. Increasingly, the war on talent will mean firms having to rethink their recruitment and retention strategies to attract and keep high potentials at the firm and even in the industry.  

Candidates’ final decisions will be influenced by the assurance of their future development and the stand-out firms will be those that can demonstrate a culture of learning with a dedicated career pathway mapped to professional qualification. Ensuring the firms legacy through the development of careers that deliver the next generation of Partners and business leaders.  


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Programme Structure

The Consulting Skills Programme is based on a series of modules developed over 30 years of working with professional services firms and in-house consulting teams. These cover the full range of learning and development requirements from consultancy fundamentals through to foundation, intermediate and advanced consulting skills. Participants will learn how to work better with clients, successfully diagnose problems and improve personal effectiveness in team working and creative thinking. Above all, they learn how to apply the consulting process in line with their organisation’s culture and values. 

Ahead of each programme we work closely with client representatives and stakeholders, to tailor content to the specific needs of the organisation. This is achieved through Openside’s, Aligning Development with Strategy, client engagement process. 

Participant Level

The Programme’s modular content is tailored as appropriate for: new entrants, Junior, Manager, Senior Manager, Principal, Director, Vice President and Partner. 


If you would like to find how the Consulting Skills Programme can help keep your people in a rapidly changing environment for consultancy, please contact us directly.

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Why Consulting Skills Development?

“Consulting professionals must master the skills to move from a problem through to an effective solution or recommendation for a client. What is needed is a process which is both effective and efficient, so that optimal results are achieved for both the client and the firm. Openside teaches a highly-rated programme to facilitate the acquisition of these consulting skills.”

Debbie Dudley

Debbie Dudley


“Very practical and interesting. I work as Knowledge Manager and my clients are internal, but all the methods and tips I have learned can be used in a wide range of situations.”

Management Consulting
Knowledge Manager

“Great intensive course to work in teams to solve a business case using the methodologies and tools that we have been taught before.”

Strategy Consulting
Managing Consultant

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