Discover how Openside helped develop ‘Bilinguals’, by transforming a highly technical team into trusted internal advisors

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The Challenge: Bridging Technical Expertise with Advisory Skills

Objective: The client aimed to blend their team’s technical know-how with advisory capabilities, fostering professional’s adept at offering client-centric insights and actionable recommendations. The ultimate goal was to not only relay pertinent advice but also monitor performance improvements across assignments.

Our Solution: Comprehensive Training on Consultative and Presentation Skills

Consultative Proficiency: The team underwent training to enhance systematic thinking, efficient problem-solving, and innovative ideation.

Presentation Mastery: Emphasis was placed on honing presentation skills, ensuring captivating delivery and boosting confidence, especially when interacting with high-level stakeholders.

Assessment Mechanism:
Openside’s ‘Vienna’ tool was utilized to assess the targeted competencies.

Outcome: Transition from Service Providers to Trusted Client Partners

Participants expressed a keen appreciation for the new methodology, seeing its value in evolving from basic service delivery to becoming essential client collaborators. Feedback like, “A treasure trove of practical tools for my routine tasks” and “Highly interactive and enlightening” captured the prevailing mood.

Openside’s Vienna learning impact assessment tool captured specific areas of performance improvement by participants three months after the programme:

  • Engaged in depth-driven analyses.
  • Used structured thinking even in routine matters.
  • Deciphered core client needs.
  • Recognised stakeholder requirements, even when they weren’t explicitly stated.
  • Adopted systematic tactics in complex projects.
  • Emphasised clarity in project outlines and communication.
  • Separated data analytics from the narrative in presentations.
  • Prioritised effective time management and relevant content dissemination.


With an impressive rating of 4.7/5, trainees highlighted the indispensable nature of storytelling, impactful presentation techniques, meticulous project strategizing, and conflict management in their professional roles. Given this success, the organization plans to extend this training approach to a broader team, eventually incorporating entire departments.