Discover the 11x ROI for partners in accounting after our tailored business development programme

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Case Study: Pivoting from Technical Skill to Trusted Advisor

The partner group in an accounting firm specialising in Tax and Transaction Services struggled to turn potential clients into long-term partners. Eager to align with their new brand and values, the firm aimed to evolve from technical experts to trusted advisors. They recognized the need to unify both segments to build strong client relationships and proposals.

Our Solution:
We launched an in-depth programme to sharpen business development skills among the partners. The focus was on boosting performance and enhancing credibility with prospective clients. The programme also aimed to embody the firm’s reimagined brand by fostering behaviours that reflected this change. The dual approach created a cohesive advisory strategy that allowed the firm to offer the same high-level client experience across Tax and Transaction Services.

The results speak for themselves. After the initial programme, the firm landed several substantial contracts. This not only highlighted the programme’s effectiveness but led to an astonishing 11x return on investment. Buoyed by this success, the programme will be rolled out firmwide. Future leaders have been selected for upcoming training sessions, ensuring the longevity of these newly implemented strategies.