Discover how senior managers in a strategy firm unlocked their partner potential

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Case Study: Building Leadership Foundations in Professional Services

The Challenge:

In the world of professional services, senior managers often climb the ranks due to their technical prowess. But technical know-how isn’t enough. Effective leadership and the nuances of partnership are essential, both for client interactions and for guiding internal teams. Our client wanted to ensure two distinct cohorts of high potentials had the pre-requisite skills and behaviours before being promoted to partner.

Our Solution:

We launched a comprehensive webinar series, to run alongside existing client work, with a three-pronged approach:

Brand Champions:

Focus: Business growth, firm representation, and robust networking.

Outcome: Equipping participants with business development techniques and ensuring they stand out as firm ambassadors. Their newfound skills set them apart in client interactions and distinguished the firm in a competitive market.

Culture Bearers:

Focus: Syncing with firm culture, honing executive presence, and mastering team management.

Outcome: We offered tools and strategies to amplify self-management, emotional intelligence, and resilience. Emphasis on delegation and performance management reinforced internal credibility.

Legacy Leaders:

Focus: Nurturing future stars through mentorship and coaching.

Outcome: Building a legacy means looking beyond the now. Our training ensured that the upcoming talent was nurtured, securing the firm’s long-term vision. Reflective sessions helped attendees recognize their broader contributions beyond immediate profits.

The Result:

By understanding and addressing the partnership environment using live client engagements, we didn’t just accelerate individual careers; we enhanced the entire service model. With a focus on these three core areas, our webinars moulded collegial leaders prepared for the complexities of a partner role, paving a bright path for the future of the firm.