Discover how attendees from our Executive Search client improved data fluency and advisory capabilities by 28%

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The Challenge: Transitioning to an Advisory Paradigm

A leading global firm, comprised of VPs, SVPs, Directors, and other top-tier leaders, identified hurdles in converting data into actionable insights. Their overarching goal was the evolution of their internal team from mere data handlers to a value-driven advisory unit that could monetise its expertise.


Our Solution: Tailored Training for Holistic Development

Based on comprehensive stakeholder discussions, participant interviews, and an initial analysis using the ‘Vienna’ tool, a custom programme was crafted focusing on:

  1. Data Integration: Streamlining data from diverse sources.
  2. Stakeholder Engagement: Understanding various stakeholder profiles and their unique needs.
  3. Data Balance: Harmonizing the use of both quantitative and qualitative data.
  4. Consultative Approach: Prioritizing active listening, elucidating service offerings, and fostering active client interactions.


The Outcome: From Data Handlers to Strategic Advisors

Participant Feedback: The training programme was celebrated for its actionable insights and emphasis on efficient and strategic thinking, addressing real challenges experienced during client engagements.

Key Takeaways:

  • Systematic issue breakdown.
  • The progression from raw data to strategic recommendations.
  • Mastery of effective message framing and questioning techniques.
  • Emphasizing rational thinking from the start.


Performance Analysis using ‘Vienna’:

As a novel approach, the ‘Vienna’ tool was deployed to assess specific competencies pre and post-training:

  • Attendee performance surge: 28%
  • Peer reviews on participant performance: 8% increase.


Future Pathways: There was a collective call for recurring refresher sessions. The trainees also underlined the power of peer-driven learning. They felt that insights from their colleagues, combined with real-life scenarios presented by Openside, enriched the holistic training experience.