Discover how new law firm Partners moved from advocate to advisor

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From Advocate to Advisor: Navigating the Transition of New Law Firm Partners

Our client is a leading European Law Firm and we started to work together during a period of rapid expansion in 2018. The firm grappled with retaining its unique culture and safeguarding the partner lifecycle. Newly promoted Partners felt overwhelmed, struggling to balance client relationships, team-building, and managerial responsibilities. Key challenges pinpointed were handling peer dynamics, managing conflict, bolstering resilience, motivation, self-management, and achieving set targets.

To address this, a tailor-made programme was conceptualised. This initiative aimed to seamlessly transition new partners from their roles as advocates to trusted advisors. The course enriched them with an understanding of the dual responsibilities of business development and management. It equipped them with practical tools, insights, and frameworks pivotal for effective networking, client acquisition, and improved negotiations during client consultations, all the while emphasising the firm’s core values and culture.

The programme garnered positive feedback, marking a significant shift in the ease with which new Partners adjusted to their roles. By internalising the teachings of the course, they exhibited enhanced personal impact and embraced their newfound status as trusted advisors with more confidence and dexterity.

Next Steps:
Given its profound impact and success, the firm decided to institutionalise the programme, making it an annual feature for every fresh batch of partner promotions, ensuring a consistent and smooth transition for all future leaders of the firm.