Discover how Openside’s consulting process helped a European consulting client to improve productivity and performance between 10 and 17%

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Case Study: Strategic Training for Improved Productivity and Performance

Challenge: To improve productivity on client engagements in constantly changing client projects by providing a consistent approach to strategic thinking and consulting skills that can be applied from day one.

Our Solution: Collaborating with a dedicated internal team, we devised a proprietary case study before developing a comprehensive programme of best-practice consulting skills and behaviours. Analysts/Consultants, Managers, and Senior Managers from consulting and technology were able to apply and practise their newly learned skills in a simulated setting.

Performance Improvement (with Vienna) 3 Months Post-Programme:

Openside’s Vienna learning impact assessment tool was used for a subset of the learner population to record any assessed behaviour change before and after the programmes. The performance improvement was evident:

  • Analysts/Consultants: 17%
  • Managers: 10%

Interestingly, programmes that didn’t use Vienna also experienced an 8% higher dropout rate in attendance than those with Vienna. So, by deploying Vienna as both an assessment and a sign of commitment to employee growth, we significantly curtailed these numbers.

Feedback & Recommendations: Average for all levels*

  • Content Quality: 4.4/5
  • Tutor Effectiveness: 4.6/5
  • Recommendation Rate: 99%

The programmes were recommended by participants for colleagues: Analysts, Consultants, Managers, New Starters, Project Managers, Technical Advisors, Senior Consultants, Managers, Team Leads, Strategy Consultants, Senior Specialists, Advisory Teams, Senior Managers, and Management Teams.

Outcome: After reviewing Vienna’s data value and the enthusiastic participant feedback, our client is planning on extending its use to all cohorts next year.

*Source: Openside programme feedback from 174 respondents.