Discover how ‘High Potentials’ developed core consulting skills and behaviours in line with the firm’s strategic ambitions

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Case Study: Elevating High Potentials for Optimal Client Service

Challenge: Becoming a Leading Consulting Firm
With a vision to rise as a top-tier consulting firm, our client recognized that unparalleled client service and innovative solutions were vital. Our programme was designed specifically for a select cohort of “High Potentials” to hone their consulting expertise, ensuring the firm’s trajectory towards its ambitious goals.

Solution: Transformative Training
To enhance the cohort’s skillset, Openside focused on embedding several transformative behaviours:

  • Unified Approach: Introducing a common language and analytical thinking pattern, cementing the firm’s foundational values.
  • Enhanced Problem-Solving: Empowering participants to tackle ambiguous business issues, offering fresh opportunities for the firm.
  • Communication Mastery: Perfecting the art of impactful presentation and honing business development behaviours, positioning them as credible ambassadors.

Outcome: Skill Enhancement and Practical Application
Participants lauded the program as “practical and competence-oriented,” praising its structure, relevance, and actionable insights. Feedback emphasized the immense applicability of learnings in their consultancy roles, with some participants noting enhanced problem-solving abilities and a refreshed approach to understanding client needs.

Performance Metrics: Vienna’s Analysis

*A three-month post-program evaluation revealed an impressive average boost in participant performance, ranging between 20% and 29%.

The overwhelming positive feedback was a testament to the program’s success. Responses highlighted the value of its interactive nature, the calibre of coaching, and the immediate applicability of the techniques shared. As a testament to its effectiveness, the firm has integrated this program into an annual initiative, aimed at curbing attrition, spurring top-notch performance, and carving a lucid leadership pathway.


*Source: Openside Vienna data assessing predetermined competencies between 2021 and 2023.