Discover how procurement professionals moved from data-driven to data-inspired, using storytelling to transform communication

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Case Study: Elevating Procurement Professionals with Effective Storytelling

The Challenge:

Our client identified the need to elevate the relationship-building and analytical skills of their procurement professionals, so they could foster powerful relationships, amplify influence, and drive results-oriented decision-making.

Our Solution:

A virtual programme was designed to improve the team’s skills in three areas:

  1. Streamlining project scoping
  2. Boosting stakeholder analysis and nurturing relationships
  3. Articulating the unique benefits of their recommendations


Despite early doubts, especially given past face-to-face training experiences, participants praised the online sessions as “highly illuminating” and “vibrant and hands-on.” They were especially fond of the modules on information structure and audience-targeted presentations.

The training did not just meet expectations; it set a new benchmark. A considerable number of attendees felt other organisational tiers would greatly profit from this course. One participant summed it up aptly: “All areas can benefit from this programme because being aware of the environment and context around you can change the result of what you are looking to achieve.”

Training Feedback Metrics:

Relevance to role:  5/5
Content quality:  4.8/5
Instructor proficiency:  5/5
Recommended for colleagues:  100%

Who Should Attend?
Digital Transformation Teams, Global Category Leaders, Procurement Heads, Indirect Procurement Units, Junior Buyers, Senior Buyers, Procurement Analysts, Procurement Managers, Senior to Global Procurement Leaders, Transformation Directors.