Discover how solicitors and associates became confident ambassadors for their firm

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Effective Legal Professional – Representing the Firm

A UK-based law firm identified a gap in their solicitors and associates’ abilities to confidently and effectively network and engage in business development. The firm wanted these professionals to not only master these skills but to do so in a manner that overcame inherent apprehensions around business development and social interactions.

The firm introduced a programme designed to instil the necessary concepts, skills, and behaviours. The curriculum was thoughtfully crafted to be engaging and enjoyable, countering the fear often associated with “business development”. Participants received hands-on guidance on initiating conversations, handling difficult situations, transitioning casual interactions into business opportunities, and effectively establishing their credibility. Emphasis was placed on viewing being an ambassador for the firm, articulating value in conversations, and illustrating personal contributions to both the firm and its clients.

Post-programme feedback indicated a notable increase in participant confidence. Solicitors and Associates felt better equipped to use any encounter as an opportunity to showcase their unique value, moving beyond the role of a mere subject expert. This new mindset transformed their approach to networking and business development, positioning them as valuable assets for the firm in client interactions.

Next Steps:
Given its success, the firm has now incorporated this programme into a two-year career pathway, ensuring they are well-prepared and confident in representing the firm to its fullest potential and better able to progress their careers.