Discover how one participant used Openside’s ‘live opportunity support’ to apply what they’d learned to convert €340k of new business.

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We know that training is useless if the learning isn’t shared, exemplified or used beyond the learning event. We also know that getting return on investment after a programme is key. Our clients need to see measurable results and immediate improvement.

For this reason, we try to adapt most of our programmes to include live cases and live opportunities that participants might be working on at the time of the programme. This ‘live case’ support means that the learning will have immediate, applicable impact.

Fundamentally, our success is determined by your success.

It is clear, therefore, why we were delighted to receive this success story from a management consultant who had recently attended 3-day business development programme.

They wrote to us to tell us they had won the ‘live opportunity’ they had worked on during the programme – worth €30 – 40k – and was confident that having established their team’s credentials, the next phase of the project will be worth around €300k to the firm.

This is his story:

The live case that we worked on in our programme…

“I just wanted to give you a heads up on the live case that we worked on in our programme in June.

Initially the client’s request was simply for ‘one analytic guy for a couple of days to look at churn‘ so we set up an initial meeting between a couple of client people and a couple of our people.

I was not afraid to challenge the client…

Based on the preparatory work we had done on the programme, we decided to go for the “no slides approach” and presented no slides in the initial meeting.

Instead we used all the ‘Points of View’ we had developed from previous conversations with the client and on the programme.

I was unafraid to challenge the client because I was very clear having thought things through and prepared.

I am confident we will get the next phase of around €300k…

We suggested a proposal, and the client agreed but wanted it within 48 hours! My team and I used a lot of what we had prepared for their ‘dummy’ presentation in the programme to submit a short proposal of around €30-40k.

That project is now reaching its conclusion but having established our credibility I am confident we will get the next phase of around €300k.

We would never have taken this approach before the programme…

We would never have taken this approach before the programme so thanks for a great time, excellent learning and all the help with this case.”